Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aligning FM With Enterprise Strategy – Pt. 4

Improving the FM Value Quotient

In the process we made sure to analyze and communicate everything in core strategy and business terms. If an option did not support a core strategy then it was discarded no matter how attractive it may have otherwise been. When we communicated risks and benefits we did so in business and strategy terms. In other words, we “spoke to the Board Room, not the Boiler Room” as the adage goes and created a direct link to strategy for each project and initiative.

Aside from successfully implementing this set of projects we achieved other notable gains.

Demonstrated objectivity as a key discipline: The facts took us wherever they took us. We used best data gathering and analysis practices to pull wisdom from information. Once something was identified as wisdom it became nearly unchallengeable.

Acted as a thought leader: Challenging the organization through insightful analysis and business cases we demonstrated diligence, knowledge and alignment. We anticipated needs that executives had not yet realized and provided solutions to problems they did not yet know existed.

Strengthened our culture of excellence: Demanding excellence of ourselves and all provider and alliance organizations has long been a trademark of our group. With this initiative, however, we turned that same intensity and discipline to the strategy arena, improving our alignment, relationships and value.

Alignment between corporate and FM strategies sounds like common sense and it is. All too often, however, the alignment is shallow or out of date. When this occurs FM can lose leverage because it is viewed as being out of touch with the business or worse, unable to understand the real “business of the business.” Developing deep and lasting strategy alignment, however, demonstrates not only business acumen and agility, but also real value and leverage.

Value and leverage. The importance of those two qualities has never been more than it is in today’s world. Make sure you are working to secure both. Doing so can only benefit you and your organization.

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