Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IFMA Foundation Workplace Research Summit

I am attending the summit here at Cornell University in beautiful, and I do mean "gorges" Ithaca, NY.  First time here and I am looking forward to both the conference and experiencing the surrounds.

This summit is focused on informing the workplace research agenda.  Attendees include academics and design practitioners who are some of the most important and influential critical thinkers on workplace issues, and facility management professionals from a wide range of organizations.  If this evening's kick-off reception is any indication this will be a lively and engaging event with free flowing information and debate.

In my conversations this evening I was struck by the fact that everyone seems to be dealing with issues surrounding the changing workplace environment.  Regardless of what type of organization one may represent the push to increase collaboration, realign workplaces and work processes to improve efficiency and accommodate younger workers, and lower real estate and operating costs is front and center on the FM agenda.

Presenters include: DEGW founder Frank Duffy; Frank Becker of Cornell University; Alexi Marmot of University College London; Noboru Konno of KIRO in Japan; Susan Stucky of IBM; Michael Joroff of MIT; and Philip Ross, founder of the Cordless Group and the Worktech Conferences.

It is an impressive line up to say the least.  Stay tuned as I update between and during sessions via Twitter posts.

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