Friday, September 9, 2011

IFMA Launches Benchmark Data Exchange Utility

BEX is IFMA's new benchmark application which allows you to compare building data in real time.  Check it out here.  From IFMA's news release ...

Once enough data is collected to build a report, you can:
  • Access survey data to compare hundreds of building reports to your facility’s data.
  • Filter benchmark data specific to your needs—sort by industry, facility type, geographic region, facility size and more.
BEX is now open and collecting your facility survey data:

  • CURRENT SURVEY: IFMA’s Benchmarks 6 - Annual Facility Costs
  • COMING NEXT: Operations & Maintenance Benchmarks
  • COMING SOON: Space & Project Management Benchmarks  
Nonparticipants may purchase an annual subscription starting at US$179.

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