Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Forget

9/11 is forever engraved in our hearts and spirit.  Never forget what it means.  Tony Blair said it best I think.  This is a war of ideals, big ideals, a contest for hearts, minds and souls.  We may think it's over, we may want to relegate it to history, but we cannot.

The price we paid is too dear to be forgotten.  The ideal of freedom is too important to be sacrificed at the altar of complacency.  It is alive in our hearts, minds, and lives.  Honor it, cherish it, defend it, live it.

On a related note, the heroes of Flight 93 have been forgotten.  Oh sure, there will be an event today and lots of talk, but ten years on the memorial in Shanksville, PA remains unfinished due to lack of funds.  That, my friends, speaks volumes.  Let's finish it.  Go to the memorial website and donate one hour of your salary. 

May God call us to seek His face.  May He protect and defend us, and bless us with freedom, courage, and wisdom.

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