Monday, June 25, 2007

Three Maxims Fighter Pilots Swear By – And So Should You

“Check Six” No fighter pilot ever wants to be engaged in battle and not know what is in his or her six o’clock position, directly behind. Do you know what’s on your Six? What is the issue that you know is there but don’t have the time to deal with? How will you know when it moves from being a nuisance to a threat, and how are you going to deal with it?

“Speed Is Life” In airplanes, speed is energy. It is an asset. You can trade it for altitude, give it up for tactical position, use it to attack, or use it to escape. In business, speed is one of our most important assets. Develop it, sustain it, and use it wisely. It makes a difference.

“Keep the Sharp End Pointed Forward” Pretty basic isn’t it? Point the sharp end of an airplane in another direction and bad things can happen, fast. What is the sharp end of your business? Is it the knowledge of your team? Then make sure they remain pointed forward, maintain momentum, and continue to develop as new knowledge emerges.

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