Sunday, June 10, 2007

Who Is This Guy?

I am a late-50's FM professional with thirty years of corporate FM life under my belt. If you mention Lockheed, Citicorp, RAND or a few other places I would nod and say, "yep, been there done that." Most of my career has been as a corporate FM running large capital projects and multi site operations, including a 1.8M sq. ft. electronics manufacturing/distribution facility, several corporate HQ campuses, and large data centers. I have worked with non-profits (a large mega-church and RAND) and as a consultant (VP/GM of an Architecture/Interiors firm). Along the way I have picked up a few tricks and made many friends.

All of life is not work, however. We all have hobbies. Mine are listening to music (mostly jazz), radio scanning, and all things aviation. Don't be surprised if you hear about those from time to time as well.

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